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User Experience (UX)

Our company takes the needs of your visitors into consideration, ensuring that your website will be easy to follow and navigate. We also look into HCI (Human Computer Interaction) elements of the site to fine tune our methods to suit your individual needs. Our primary research helps us find the most appropriate method of performing your tasks.

Coding Standards

Our sites are coded with World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and cross-browser checked with several browsers. This helps us be sure that every element of your web site will look the same on every web browser, whether it is being used on a Windows system or a Mac. Without this cross-checking there are likely to be changes between browser versions. Our methods eliminate much of these issues.

Content Writing

Content is the substance of your website. It is essential that your content is web readable. Most of your visitors will spend a limited time on your website. It is important that they locate the information quickly so that they do not go elsewhere to find what they need.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine rankings control your website's exposure, and are a vital part of your site. Prickly Pear Media offers optimization of your web pages to help your website place well in search engine results. We use only ethical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods.


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