E commerce website designing

Taste Success with our best E Commerce website designs

In online business, much depends on how best your website is designed. We would like to ask you whether you have considered a few questions before you got your e-commerce business website designed.

A few questions to consider

  • Is your website user-friendly?
  • Is it easy for customers to navigate through your business website?
  • Are the menus prominent?
  • Are the titles attractive and catchy?
  • Are the shopping easy to operate?
  • Is there flexibility for customers to add or delete items from the shopping cart?
  • Is the payment method secure and safe?
  • Is the payment method easy and transparent?
  • How satisfied is your customer with online shopping on your website?

Must have Features in e commerce website

We would like to suggest you that the following features must be made prominent on any e-commerce website.

  • Items ready for purchase and their stock status
  • The price of the each item and its specifications at a glance
  • The different models available within the same price range
  • Different searching options for the customers like price, color, design, etc
  • Drop menus showcasing your products and services
  • Shopping basket
  • Saving options to the shopping cart for purchasing the items later
  • Payment options and delivery options
  • Easy navigation tools
  • List of items they have recently searched on your website
  • Automatic reminders to customers, if they saved any items in the shopping basket

Our expertise

Our expertise in the business of designing websites has won recognition from many quarters. We are proud to say that we are the best in the field in New Castle, in New South Wales in Australia.

Our repeat customers who approach us for updating their websites are the evidence for our running success in designing the best e-commerce websites. 

Assured Advantages

It is not just boasting about our services. But honestly speaking, we have received very good feedback from our customers about our services. we can claim our services are the best in the field.

We also assure you quality and timely service for any of the issues you face in the operation of your website.

Our experienced team can design excellent e-commerce website for the success of your business.

Android Application Development

Prickly Pear Media has got an exclusive and specialized team of developers for building apps for all Android phones. Within a short time into the business of developing Androids apps, we have got the distinction of being the best in the field.

Our developers keep three objectives in developing apps for Androids. They make every app

  • Enchanting
  • Simplifying
  • Amazing

Let us see how we can combine these three qualities in building the apps.


Every app we develop is quite enchanting and attractive. Unless the app has got a novel look and appeal, customers do not feel like using it. If the appeal is average and dull, it will fail to attract the attention of the users.

Our design experts take special interest in developing every app. They never take developing an app as a routine work, though they have developed hundreds of apps.

Each customer has some special requirements and needs. They do this by selecting the best and most attractive design for the app from hundreds of available designs.

That is why many people in New Castle opt for Hell Tech for developing their android apps!


Basically, an app is meant for making the process simple. There is no point in developing an app that keeps the process still as it was. Simplicity in operation and simplicity in design are the core principles our developers follow for building every app.

Our apps make your life simple and doing business unbelievably simple.


In addition to being attractive and simple, the app should be highly functional. With excellent design and exclusive features if the app does not deliver results, it will be of little value. Our android app developers keep functionality as the most important aspect of any app.

Prickly Pear Media takes care of uploading the app to the Google play store and makes it available for all android users.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

These days it simply isn’t enough to have a website. Your customers need to be able to find it! If you’re hoping to achieve a good position on any of the major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc) you need to start thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Did you know you can’t just search for your business on Google and receive the real ranking result? Google recognises that you have visited your website before and gives it higher priority to your computer because it assumes you are most likely searching for the same website.

So how do you find out your real ranking position? By implementing Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools throughout your website you will receive your true ranking positions plus hourly updated data on who is visiting your website, where they are coming from, what they are doing and much much more. This invaluable information provides you with the tools to make informed decisions about the future direction of your website and SEO plans.

SEO is a large and complex beast within the IT industry. Not made any easier by the fact that nobody knows the exact algorithm Google uses to rank their listed websites. However there are certain things you can implement within your website that will boost your website ranking. The techniques PPM Graphic & Web Design (PPM) employs are called ‘on-page’ optimization.

PPM will work with you to create your most advantageous keywords and keyphrases and then employ the best SEO techniques to boost your search engine ranking.

Want your website on the first page of Google instantly? PPM can do that too. Once registered for Google Adwords account your website can start appearing on the first page of Google for any search terms you like. (Note: Google Adwords is for website owners willing to pay per click). PPM can help to set up your Google Adwords account, determine the best keywords and keyphrases for your website, and tweak the settings for maximum results.

Graphic Design

A business website that is poor in graphics naturally attracts very poor response. When the world is overloaded with information, it is very rare to find people to go through the content meticulously.

Catchy graphics

Eye-catching graphics are the order of the day. Unless you attract the attention of the people who browse the web, you cannot turn them into potential customer without the support of good graphics and visuals.

Graphics attract

A picture is worth thousand words. It is an age old maxim, but it still holds good. Graphics attract the attention of the viewers. They hold the attention of the viewers for a while and generate interest in the viewers to know more about them.

Interactive Graphics

Again, static graphics though attractive, cannot hold the attention of the viewers for a long time. You need to make the viewers hang on to your website by making the graphics in the interactive mode.

By clicking on the visuals on your website, the user should get all the information he wants to know about the product.

Creating such graphics is the key for catching the attention of the viewers and holding their attention for some time.

Get your website redesigned and be in the business

It’s time you redesigned your website. Believe me, if your website was created a year ago it is time you thought about redesigning it immediately.

Why redesigning?

Technology is changing very fast. People’s taste is also changing very rapidly. You cannot be complacent about your business website that got it created two years ago or even more years ago.

Unless you tune yourself with the latest technology, you will be soon out of your business.

What to redesign?

There may not be a big change in the business you do in the recent past. You might be selling the same products over the years. And even customers have accustomed to use the same without any re-thinking.

But be vigilant. Your success is not assured permanently. There are number of competitors to your business who are waiting for an opportunity to grab your business.

Get the latest design

You need to be updated in the business you do. What about the website that tells the world about your business? Is the design of your website latest? Is it attractive and appealing?

It is time you considered redesigning your website. You can change the very look of the website to keep it more appealing and attractive.

You can make the present catalogue to look more simple and appealing.

You can also consider the layout and design of your website.

Get the content re-written

Though it is often the pictures and the layout of the website that dominate in attracting the customers to your website, you cannot rule out the importance of the content you keep on your website.

Get new content on the products and services you want to offer to your customers. Make the content readable and attractive.

Web 2.0 version

Get the latest version of the software applications that have been used in designing your website. If your website is designed with outdated technology, nobody will take you seriously. Make sure your website 

Our Solutions

We offer the best solutions for redesigning the websites at a highly competitive price. We can deliver the redesigned website at an earlier date than you expect. We have excellent team that has specialized in developing websites with the latest technologies and designs.