The Project Details

Donna Clara Jewellery

Donna Clara Jewellery required a website that would showcase their unique jewellery pieces. Using the WordPress Content Management System, Donna Clara Jewellery can upload and manage individual jewellery items as they would in an online store but without the payment system.

In addition to this, all of the page content and images are fully editable by Donna Clara Jewellery with a step-by-step manual provided by KM Graphic & Web Design to help guide Donna Clara Jewellery in having complete control and ongoing management over their new website.

Steph Burgin

Steph approached KM Graphic & Web Design with a design for a personal website she had commissioned from a graphic design agency and needed it implemented into a Content Management System. As the design was already complete and only needed minor tweaking to make web-ready, KM Graphic & Web Design was able to provide a great deal on just the Web Development and implementation.
Again, using the WordPress Content Management System and a manual provided by KM Graphic & Web Design Steph can now regularly update her website to inform her followers of upcoming gigs and keep an up to date image gallery.

JCT Consulting

JCT Consulting was a business just starting out and needed an online presence to get their marketing and advertising campaign rolling. They were also interested in receiving website traffic data.
After design and development, KM Graphic & Web Design implemented a few SEO Tools and JCT Consulting now receives invaluable information updated hourly on how many visitors their website has received, where their visitors are coming from, what they are doing on the website, and much, much more. This information will enable them to make better decisions about where to spend their marketing and advertising budget in order to maximise their conversions.

Ray White Margate

Ray White Margate required their own website to complement their listing on the parent Ray White website, to be individualised but still incorporate the Ray White look and feel. Integrated with a Content Management System they can easily list new properties as they arise which automatically updates their website, saving them loads of time and effort.

Celebrations & Ceremonies

Celebrations & Ceremonies needed a website that would stand out in the highly competitive industry of Civil Celebrants. While many of their competitor’s websites are informational they are also extremely outdated and over-the-top fluffy. KM Graphic & Web Design provided a modern take on a personal website in an editorial style without the unnecesary fluff. As a result Celebrations & Ceremonies now has a great advantage over their competitors.

“Thanks so much for your fast and professional service. Your design ideas were invaluable. The website is generating plenty of business for me, proving that the investment in KM Graphic & Web Design was the best use of my marketing budget.”

– Robyn Meikle, Celebrations & Ceremonies

Being a Software Development company themselves, Manaccom simply needed to outsource the design of their new-look website and wanted to do the store implementation themselves. KM Graphic & Web Design worked closely with several of Manaccom’s employees on the project to create a design everyone was happy with. A series of html templates was then created to allow Manaccom’s developers to easily integrate their online store software. This was a very successful collaborative project and has made a great improvement on their previous outdated website.


Saralli was already an existing website of the same design, however their previous developer had implemented the entire website in Adobe Flash. This was quite popular a few years ago until people started realising this absolutely destroyed your search engine ranking. Google does not read or recognise any content within Flash!
KM Graphic & Web Design took the existing design and re-implemented it into html and also offered Saralli a few SEO services. Saralli now receives much more traffic than previously and has the data to prove it.

Brisbane Alive

Brisbane Alive was to be a complex and intricate design allowing users to perform multiple different tasks from the one place. Careful planning of the structure and layout was needed to ensure easy usability without over-crowding the front page.